Say ‘NO’ to Development that will Hurt Our Neighborhoods and Quality of Life.


Improving Our Infrastructure – Our city’s sewer system has been massively neglected. An estimated $1.4 billion is needed to fix our sewer system. This will be job #1 for me as your Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner. In addition we have $1 billion in need for our stormwater system. We need to seek immediate solutions to improve our sewer and stormwater systems and when we upgrade those systems we need to make our city more resilient and prepare for continued rising sea levels. Fort Lauderdale should be the thought leader in how to address sea level rise and showcase innovative solutions to the world.
Ensuring Smart Development – We live in a wonderful city with beautiful neighborhoods and a thriving downtown. In order to preserve our quality of life, sites for development and growth must be carefully chosen. Ben is working to ensure that development is concentrated in the best locations and focused in key areas in Ft. Lauderdale, namely downtown, to ensure a high quality of life for all residents and keeping traffic and congestion to a minimum.


Improve Traffic Congestion – As all residents of Fort Lauderdale are aware on a daily basis, the traffic congestion on our main corridors needs to be addressed. Ben plans to implement traffic light synchronization systems to keep traffic moving through our most congested areas.